The Confounding Matrix Of Cool

When it comes to travel, there exists a matrix of coolness so intricate that the only way to properly master it is to spend some time backpacking with Europeans and Canadians.

Braless In Bisbee

“Do you think Louise would want to buy a Rough Rider or pick out something from the Treasure Chest?” I ask My Royal Consort.

When Sam Hill And The Continental Divide Collide

The key to keeping chronic discombobulation at bay while traveling is to stay organized yet flexible, but sometimes, like a thick fog, discombobulation rolls.

It’s Not What You Would Expect

The tour guide admonished us that If we found ourselves spontaneously incontinent in the caves, we would have to have recourse to a “convenience bag”, which she would provide.

The Land of Texas

In stark contrast to the Texas of pickled pigs feet, barbeque, pick up trucks and big hats, is Marfa.

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