Gladys, Itinerant Phlebotomist

I wondered what had lead Gladys into a life of itinerant phlebotomy, and then realized that no one ever really knows where the road will take them. People are often propelled toward a career in bodily fluids by circumstances beyond their control.

I’ll Be Taking Care Of You Tonight

With Ashley by my side, I could get hammered, and then summon her after I realize, too late, that I had better eat something STAT.

Five Dachshunds, Two Dogs And One Bitch

When they found themselves in an important social situation, such as an audience with the Count and Countess, Cosmo enjoyed chewing Bitty’s ear.

Doing Time In Arizona

In the face of their criticism and mockery of my brilliant idea, I conceded that I was an idiot, and agreed that committing a federal offense by sending marijuana to myself through the mail was a far superior plan.

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